I found the phrase discussed in the title of this question on the 海贼王 manga (One Piece). I have not found this phrase anywhere else, and have put this on other forums without much success.

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Actually, it can be a real sentence in oral Chinese.

向 can become a verb. It has 2 possible meanings based on the situation.

First one mean "face to ..". The sentence can become "are you all facing to me?".

The other meaning "are you on my side"/"don't you support me".

For your case, I think it probably be the second meaning.


I am pretty sure that it's a translation typo. There is no verb in this sentence. It probably should be:

你们不是想着我吗? Meaning: Don't you miss me? or maybe: Hyahyahya, didn't you all miss me after this long time?? Depends a bit on the context.

What's the context of the story? Is it when some bad guy gives a surprising visit or something like that? Then my answer is probably correct.


It is certain that this sentence means 'why don't your guys stand by me as you did before?'

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