I can't fiugure out suitable mnemonic for 御.

Does someone has a good idea?

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「御」 originally meant to operate or manage/control, then extended to mean the adjective imperial.

The meaning to drive a carriage is specifically held by the character 「馭」; when 「御」 is used for this meaning, it is a rebus of 「馭」.

enter image description here

enter image description here


「御」 (to operate/manage) originally depicted a kneeling person 「卩」 using (operating) a pestle 「午」.

Pestle is now written as the derivative character 「杵」.

Later on, two verb-like markers were added:



Stop driving carriage at noon.

enter image description here

I'm boring...

Hope you can figure it out....

Explanation really hurts,my English very bad,now I feel my brain'RAM overflowed.

御 originally means 'driving a carriage'. This carriage need two people to fire up just like the one in the picture .

It can be broken down into several parts:彳,卸。 If you think 卸 is still too complex,then break it down to 午,止,卩。

彳:There are a lot of character involve it,this component means 'two people' or '行'. 卩: imagine a nodding horse.

I can't continue to explain, I see that "blue screen". Sorry.

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