Do you know what this guy thought about the breakfast in that restaurant? It's never too early to get diarrhea!

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  • 你知道这家伙觉得那家餐厅的早餐是怎么样? 得到腹泻永远不会太早! – user6065 Apr 9 '15 at 13:13
  • it seems one can say 得(了)腹泻 (not 得到!), but as in answer below 拉肚子 might be preferable cf。 拉屎 – user6065 Apr 9 '15 at 15:43

你知道这个人怎么评价那家餐厅的早餐吗?没人会嫌拉肚子来的晚! Uhhh... I have to say, it's pretty hard to translate it natively.

More native one (but the meaning might be changed): 你猜他对那家餐厅的早餐怎么想?要是便秘就上那吃一顿,包治好!


A literal translation could be: 你知道这家伙是怎么想那家餐厅的早餐吗?拉肚子永远不会太早!

An alternative translation with the meaning preserved but shifted to a native speaker's tone: 你知道这家伙对那家餐厅的早餐有啥看法吗?拉肚子不嫌早啊!


if we translate it word by word, it would be:你知道这个人怎么评价这家餐厅的早餐吗?得拉肚子不会太早。 consider the way we think and talk varies, you want to say this to express the same meaning:你知道他(this guy)怎么说(thought about)这个饭店的早饭(more oral)吗?吃一顿就得坏肚子。According to Chinese language convention, "never too early to do something" kind of phrase is rarely used.

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