I know that 翻 can mean flp, cross, etc. So does the phrase mean "flipping through messages" or "crossing through messages", aka "deleting messages"? Could it also mean "replying to messages"?


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Filpping through text messages.

  • cf。iciba: 2. He flipped through the post without opening any of it. 他飞快地翻了一下邮件,但一封也没有打开。 7. He thumbed through a couple of pages, feigning just a slight interest.他随手翻了几页,假装兴趣不大。 also according to e。g。外国人实用汉语语法,the verbs 上,下进,出,回,过 and 起 as complement indicate the actual direction of a motion in relation to a place。 3. The tractor churn ed up the soil.拖拉机翻起土坡.
    – user6065
    Apr 11, 2015 at 4:12

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