For example


What would an English translation for that be? Google says "Taoism", but that doesn't sound right, although it may be very slightly correct.

I could only think of "Qi practicing" or "Spirit practicing", but would there be any better ones?

Also, would


Be the same?

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    Do you have an example context in which these words appear? Commented Apr 11, 2015 at 16:49

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KEY has two definitions for 修炼:

practice asceticism

practice self-cultivation (esp. of a Taoist)

self-cultivation has a nice ring to it.

修真 on the other hand means:

{Taoism} cultivate true virtue

修炼 has quite a wide range of meanings one of which is the same as 修真: 修行.

修真 only really has one meaning.

Although it might be interchangeable in some cases, the context is really important here.


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