As titled. I saw this lyrics with the sentence,


Based on the structure, it looks like the word itself is a noun.
If it is, what does it mean?
I only know the word 戀愛/恋爱.

Thanks in advance!

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First, it is not a standard way. Apparently, it is a complain.

失~lose, 戀~love。失戀~fall out of love. The word itself has a vt+noun structure.

Try to understand it from the basic form:

為什麼我失戀了?Why I fell out of love?

One can definitely add adj to a noun(戀). (just for explanation.)


Now add adv to vt(失). (just for explanation.)


Then change order:

為什麼全世界的戀我都失一遍? Why I fell out of each love all over the world? The singer wants to deliver a strong discourage for being a loser in love in this song.


yes. but this case it's an inversion of 失戀

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