Based on my recent observation, most people use "" to enclose a quote and use 《》 to enclose the name of a book (or a movie?). However, since I began my Chinese study, I have been learning to use 「」 as the quotation marks and ﹏﹏ as the mark to enclose the name of a book (I do not know what the mark is called or how to find an example of it). As I remember, the textbooks I used were from Hong Kong, and all the texts use 「」 and ﹏﹏ in place of "" and 《》, respectively. I have also read/studied some texts which use 〖〗 for book name.

As such, which style is correct in an academic/professional writing? Or is it merely different practices for Traditional and Simplified Chinese?


In mainland:

Both are correct.

They are just two styles: ‘’ “” ,「」『』.

The former are borrowed from western countries, the usages in Chinese are identical with English.

The latter,「」 and 『』 are from Japanese. Although they are not so often used as the former, but they are definitely acceptable. In fact, Some people claims we should only use 「」『』 for quotation, because they are more suitable for Chinese character. They mean visual effects.

﹏﹏ is used in ancient texts acting likes 《》, they are for books, movies,songs and other specified names.

To 〖〗 ,don't know it.

The names of frequently used marks:

“” 引号,‘’ is 单引号,“” is 双引号。

「」 is called 直引号。

《》 书名号,专名号。

—— 破折号。


…… 省略号。

, 逗号。

。 句号。

? 问号。

! 感叹号 or 惊叹号。

You may find that in some technical writings, the 。 is replaced by .

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    "﹏﹏ is used in ancient texts" That's completely not true. It is used in places outside of mainland China, mostly in Hong Kong, which indicates a book title. Furthermore, 「」is called "單引號". I have never heard of anyone referring them as "直引号". Apr 18 '15 at 8:38
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    @Derek朕會功夫 these direction take effect in mainland。I don't know the circumstances in other places.Sorry if I did not explain clearly。
    – wolfrevo
    Apr 18 '15 at 12:32
  • Your answer is very informative! And @Derek朕會功夫 Thanks for adding to the answer! Apr 20 '15 at 3:36

I don't know the Traditional, but in Simplified , “” and 《》 is the formal way.


I will recommand you to refer to this file, General rules for punctuation,which is the Chinese official reference to the use of punctuation.

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  • @ThomasHsieh The part until ".pdf" seems OK.
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