Apparently it means "domestically produced fixed-wing amphibian aircraft" but I can't find this on any dictionary. Can you break it down for me?

  • As he said below, check it. '双体船‘ would be a catamaran. Sure it's right?
    – Pedroski
    Apr 20 '15 at 2:58
  • 1
    Can you provide more context and your own analysis?
    – NS.X.
    Apr 20 '15 at 3:09
  • 1
    They're not 双体船. Basicly your understanding is right. They're domestically produced fixed-wing amphibian aircraft. According to this(国产地效船双船试飞) and this(海南自主研发地效翼船海口首次实现双船试飞), two of them succeeded in test flight.
    – user4072
    Apr 20 '15 at 3:30

first, it is not 国产地效船双船+试飞. It should be 国产地效船+双船试飞.

Second, if you want to add 双船 to 国产地效船 as a phrase, you should go with 国产地效双(体)船.


ground effect vehicle(GEV) 地效飞行器 catamaran 双体船

ground effect catamaran

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