Until recently, I have known the meaning of this word as described on the wiki page. I thought it is used to refer to people, particularly female, who are cold on the outside and hot, as in intimate, on the inside; I assumed that it is a compliment. Then, I read it in the following context and was confused:


The negative connotation of word is pretty obvious and probably does not have the meaning described in the wiki page. What does this word mean then?

By the way, is this a formal word? I supposed it is only used in colloquial context, but I have seen it various times on the news.

Thanks in advance!

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    In this case "傲嬌" 's "嬌" may be assimilated to the meaning in "溫室裡的花朵" or "嬌貴", and hence the negative connotation, IMHO.
    – awllower
    Apr 24 '15 at 15:02
  • This is not where the word should be used. The poster is actually abusing the word.
    – RnMss
    Apr 28 '15 at 9:36
  • A word comes from JP animation and companies with "双马尾", indicating some typical animation leading roles.
    – Shaw
    Dec 9 '19 at 21:58

傲嬌 is a word from Japanese animation and just used in the Internet.



ref : http://zh.moegirl.org/傲娇

At most time, a person who is 傲嬌, means he/she is 傲 at first and then 嬌 when he/she met someone he/she link.

For your context, I think it's a not standard usage of this word and may just means 傲 only.

  • +1 for "a word from Japanese"
    – WangYudong
    Apr 25 '15 at 1:58

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