• How Many Characters Are There Where The Radical Is The Same As The Main Component?


字海网: 


字海网: 𧙿


This question is definitely answerable as there are only a certain amount of radicals.

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    Here is one: 冰 (ice) both parts mean water.
    – Tzu
    Commented May 7, 2015 at 4:36
  •  (钅金) is a SunmanPUA character incase anyone is wondering.
    – Mou某
    Commented May 7, 2015 at 5:28
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    there are also 从,林
    – Tzu
    Commented May 7, 2015 at 15:11
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    if you extend the search over repetitious characters, there are many more
    – flow
    Commented May 7, 2015 at 17:05
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    @Maroon not quite right, as the line between 'simplified' and 'traditional' characters is somewhat blurry, cf. 网, which is really the original pictograph used for later 網, and, likewise, 从 is the original form of 從. The latter one is used throughout the 說文解字.
    – flow
    Commented May 8, 2015 at 14:14

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A quick perusal of my database gives me

u-cjk/6299      抙  ⿰扌手
u-cjk/726a      牪  ⿰牜牛
u-cjk/72be      犾  ⿰犭犬
u-cjk/73cf      珏  ⿰王玉
u-cjk/8aa9      誩  ⿰言言
u-cjk/8e00      踀  ⿰𧾷足
u-cjk-xa/3908   㤈  ⿰忄心
u-cjk-xb/201a7  𠆧  ⿰亻人
u-cjk-xb/23c99  𣲙  ⿰氵水
u-cjk/9342      鍂  ⿰金金

(considering only Unicode code points). I tested against the RegEx 氵水|礻示|⺬示|釒金|钅金|王玉|忄心|𥫗竹|讠言|言言|冫氷|扌手|𧾷足|⻗雨|爫爪|亻人|火灬|犭犬|牜牛|飠食|𩙿食|饣食, which may be incomplete.

In related news, a search for 水水|示示|金金|王王|玉玉|心心|竹竹|手手|足足|雨雨|爪爪|人人|火火|犬犬|牛牛|食食 brings up, amongst others, these:

u-cjk/4ece      从  ⿰人人
u-cjk/6c9d      沝  ⿰水水
u-cjk/708f      炏  ⿰火火
u-cjk/73a8      玨  ⿰王王
u-cjk/7958      祘  ⿰示示
u-cjk-xa/3e5c   㹜  ⿰犬犬
u-cjk-xb/225f0  𢗰  ⿰心心
u-cjk-xb/22a92  𢪒  ⿰手手
u-cjk-xb/24519  𤔙  ⿱爪⿰爪爪
u-cjk-xb/24934  𤤴  ⿰玉玉
u-cjk-xb/25d12  𥴒  ⿱竹⿰竹竹

some of which may violate your expectations about how to correctly write characters, as the usual positional variants are not used in these forms.


I suppose you are looking for a list of such characters in Simplified Chinese. There is probably more, but here you go.


  • I added extra lists just for completeness. Feel free to add to it!
  • By "non-radical" I mean the identical parts are not a radical themselves.

  • Top-bottom Radical Pair

炎、多、昌、二、亖、畕、仌、歨(not 走)

  • Left-right Radical Pair


  • Top-down Non-radical Pair


  • Left-right Non-radical Pair


  • Three-character/radical Words


  • Four-character/radical Words



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