Listening to this text, it sounded like 当属 is a word. I can find lots of examples of 当属 acting like a word, but dictionaries don't seem to regard 当属 as a word.

Could I simply replace 当 with 是 here?


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当属 is an abbreviation of 应当属于, which means should be.

应当 means should, 属于 means be/is (of which the original meaning is belong to. Here maybe you can interpret it as attribute to? I'm not sure.)

So you can say 当属 or 应当是.

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    I sincerely believe, half of Chinese is abbreviated away. How is a poor 老外 supposed to understand that? Have an upvote! Thanks!
    – Pedroski
    May 9, 2015 at 6:37

No,you can NOT. "当属" IS a word. "当" means "should"; "属" means "是" ("be") here; "当属" means "should be". Moreover, "是属" is not a valid word in Chinese.

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    Are you sure about that? Can you give me a link to an online dictionary which shows 当属 as a word? The dicts I use do not show that.
    – Pedroski
    May 9, 2015 at 6:32

当属, the meaning is "would be" something..


The word 当 has multiple meanings. 当 itself mean 'when' or 'to hold a position' (as in 当之无愧). It could mean 'should' when pairing with 应~ or 該~. 仅当 means 'only if'. When pairing with other words, it seems that 当 does not carry any particular meaning.

In your context, I think the whole '当属' could be replaced with '是'. It is 'should be' in a very certain sense, similar to '非XX莫屬' (could not be anything else but XX).

ps. The word 令 should be added to the first sentence 其中令中国人感触最深的.

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