What is few English translations for 吃窩邊草?

I cannot think of one formal or casual translation...


Do you mean like 兔子不吃窝边草?

If so, you could try something like "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" or "Don't foul your own nest."

Colloquially (and if you want a phrase with more profanity) "Don't shit where you eat" is common and could be used instead.

Also, a proverb like "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" is pretty intuitive as well.

  • 兔子不吃窝边草 being a proverb( 谚语) web supplies many translations – user6065 May 10 '15 at 1:48

百度 has 兔子不吃窝边草 which they translate as 'A villain doesn't harm his neighbours.' Not sure quite what that means.

I think in a love/sex aspect, it may mean, 'You should not have an affair with your neighbour, or you will be discovered.'

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