I am aiming to have a short translation, so it would be preferred that it isn't too long.

I have "Merely so" right now, but it doesn't sound too right in English and the meaning doesn't seem to be sent across as well either.

I know that a translation could be "So you are only like this" but I would like to have a shorter translation.

  • iciba: nothing more than this ; merely thus,examples have:That was/is all there was/is,So much for,that's all,just like this,
    – user6065
    May 16, 2015 at 15:05
  • "It is overrated."
    – NS.X.
    May 24, 2015 at 0:52

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There is no 100% 1:1 translation, so how you translate this expression will heavily depend on the context.

Some examples:

You want to fly abroad on holiday, but the airport is closed. You can express your discontent with 坐飞机去旅游原来不过如此。"So much for taking the plane to go on holiday!".

There is a ...也不过如此 form, that is used often. E.g. 最多再有几分钟, 也不过如此. "Only a matter of a few more minutes, that's all."

But this can also have the meaning "like a ....!" 皇宫也不过如此吧! "It's like a palace!" (lit. Even the imperial palace can not keep up with this).


You really need to put the context in which this is said to achieve a good interpretation.

iciba: 最多再有几英里, 也不过如此.

也不过如此. = that's all.


不过如此 = not a big deal; it's just like this.

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