For example,


It can roughly translate to "I'll waste/break/ruin you", but that doesn't sound too accurate.

What "廢" sounds like is kindof like "crippling" yet less severe than that.

From what I can tell, it sounds like extreme, violent damage yet nothing as permanent as crippling.

  • Wasting sounds right to me as the lesser version of crippling.
    – NS.X.
    Commented May 16, 2015 at 19:31

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废 is a slang, and as NS.X mentioned, "waste" is a pretty good translation, as in

I'mma waste you

Nonetheless, IMHO, 废 doesn't necessarily mean waste. Other meanings include:

  • What you thought it is, "to cripple".
  • "To destroy (life, job, etc)", as in


    I'mma destroy your life


废 is slang for beat up, to hurt someone badly.


Changing the order makes more sense. 我废了你 = 我 make 你 废了。

I'll make you crap. Something like that. It just likes the ancient Chinese grammar.


How about I'll tear you (up).
means disable sb. here, so tear up may be an appropriate expression.

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