I believe that "滄桑" is "huge changes", but how can a voice be described as that?

With some googling, I am guessing (pure guessing) that "滄桑" means "aged/old", but how did "huge changes" turn into that?

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    iciba:滄桑 (见“沧海桑田”) 沧桑的声音:"the voice of vicissitudes, vicissitudes of life, great changes" ?
    – user6065
    Jun 15 '15 at 5:38

To be exact, 沧桑 doesn't just mean aged/old.

沧桑 comes from the idiom 沧海桑田, as you understand, it means huge changes (in a long time). And 沧桑的声音 means a kind of voice, which can make you feel that he/she has experienced many things changed, e.g. many vicissitudes of life.

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