Was reading Unicode 8.0 Brings 7,716 New Characters Including 36 New Emoji and 5 Skin Modifiers on iClarified, the article also mentioned:

5,771 new ideographs for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

  • What Does Unicode 8.0 Mean For Chinese?

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So, I think I just wrap this up in a proper answer instead of some comments with links.

Basically, there are two major changes:

  • 9 new characters were added to the CJK Unified Ideographs block.

  • A new block called 'CJK Unified Ideographs Extension E' with 5762 ideographs was added to Unicode. You can find these here (.pdf file).

Characters from the first page of the file: enter image description here

According to Wikipedia, in the early stages of the new standard version, CJK-E was originally intended to include another 16,000+ characters not present in CJK-C. However, in May 2007 the Republic of China (Taiwan) withdrew 6,545 personal name usage characters deemed no longer in use,in May 2013 China withdrew 6 characters, and many others were later withdrawn or moved to CJK-F (projected), so the current version includes 5,762 new characters. CJK-E including 5,762 Han characters will be new in Unicode 8.0.

Here's a Wikipedia article that will document these, but most browsers fail to display the characters yet.

UPDATE: Hanazono supports CJK Ext. E. Download the font from here.

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