I don't often see a lot of foreign bands names translated but came across this:



Third Eye Blind

  • How Did Third Eye Blind Get Translated As 心灵蒙蔽合唱团?

合唱团 means chorus, does it not, they're certainly not a chorus either...


I would think it's a mistranslation. 合唱团 means chorus, where 乐队 means band. As why it's called / translated as "心灵蒙蔽":

心灵 - soul / spirit. As eyes are called windows of the soul, 心灵 is used insteads of 眼. Also see Ampersand's comment for connotations on third eye.

蒙蔽 - clouded / covered. Nothing's wrong here

As the direct translation - 第三只眼失明乐队 doesn't sounds quite right (I laughed reading it), 心灵蒙蔽乐队 might be a more valid translation

EDIT: thanks to leo4jc, "瞎心眼樂隊" is even more catchy

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    Definitely "band" should be translated as 樂隊! If I were to translate it, I will go for 瞎心眼樂隊. Shorter, more catchy. 心眼 might retain the tie to eye and the new age meaning to the soul/heart. My two cents. – leo4jc Jun 25 '15 at 16:35

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