There is a song sung by William So whose title is 《有人喜欢蓝》 (Yǒurén xǐhuan lán - There are people who like blue.)

What does 蓝 (blue) mean in this context? Is it a reference to the sky, sea, a mood, or something else?

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Below is the lyrics of 《有人喜欢蓝》. The singer refers to "blue", for example, as "the serenity at night", "the pleasure he finds in jealousy", and "the mystical excitement". I would assume that he is talking about love: no matter how difficult it is to love someone (jealousy, fear of rejection, insomnia), he falls for "you" for "some inexplicable reason" (see line 5).

有人喜欢蓝 means, poetically, “有人”(i.e. the singer)坚持自己对爱的选择。


作词:黄伟文 作曲:黄尚伟 编曲:黄尚伟

蓝是越夜越静越美丽的一种气氛 蓝是越妒越恨越快乐的一种斗争 蓝是如迷如幻却很迫真的某种兴奋 只可意会没法说 讲不出的快感

蓝是辗转反侧在午夜 想起你睡也不稳 蓝是盛着寂寞酿的酒 跟星星对饮 蓝是传来流动怨曲声音 跟你的声线甚相近 似幕调情戏 难掩盖的风韵

我不清楚根本天生喜欢那样那样蓝 还是我已对你这种色彩太习惯 世间缤纷风景好比烟花 匆匆一刹便吹散 看尽浓和澹 还只有它不散

蓝是将小小一幅天空 剪低了做你恤衫 蓝是铺开夜夜浪接浪 海水色被单 蓝是缠绵完后歇息之间 凄美的感叹在飘散 我怀疑和你 能否再多一晚

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  • I figured it was a love song, except that my Chinese is too weak for me to be sure. But I wrote a Spanish version (my Spanish is a bit better.) spanish.stackexchange.com/questions/338/rendering-of-to-fear
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I think blue in this case means the color blue, since 藍 in Chinese doesn't mean anything else.

ps: The English name of the movie 有人喜歡藍 is not "There are people who like blue." It is "Blue Valentine". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7B9LvwT8SU

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