Hello everyone I hope you can help me with a translation. I am looking for a Cantonese teacher (or speaker for that matter) in my area and I want to post a notice. I have asked and received a translation on a different site but I would really appreciate a second opinion.

Cantonese Teacher Wanted!

I am learning Cantonese and I would really need a teacher. I am willing to pay. If you know Cantonese and are willing and able to teach please contact me. Basic level of English or Romanian required. If you need help with either of these two languages I can help you as well. Phone Number : xxx...; E-mail : xxx...;


本人正在學習廣東話並且需要一位教師。若果你對廣東話有一定的認識以及懂得教學的話,敬請聯絡本人。 本人願意付學費。要求教師有基本英文或羅馬尼亞語的智識。若果閣下希望在這兩種語言得到幫助,本人也可以提供幫助。 本人聯絡電話:xxx...; 本人聯絡電郵:xxx...;

  • 若果 -> 如果, 智識 -> 知識. – songyuanyao Jun 23 '15 at 8:30
  • 英文或羅馬尼亞語 --> use both with 文 or both with 語. – Drunken Master Jun 23 '15 at 8:52

Thanks a lot for your help! I thought I should post the final version of the notice here. Cheers

聘用廣東話教師 本人正在學習廣東話並且需要一位教師。如果你對廣東話有一定的認識以及懂得教學的話,敬請聯絡本人。 本人願意付學費。要求教師有基本英文或羅馬尼亞語的知識。如果閣下希望在這兩種語言得到幫助,本人也可以提供幫助。 本人聯絡電話:xxx 本人聯絡電郵:xxx


My attempt (although it's probably 1 year too late):








  • I would also like to replace one of the "幫助"s with another word... – Leaky Nun May 26 '16 at 10:08

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