In the Qing dynasty novel 官場現形記, there is this passage:


which is a menu for a Western-style banquet. It seems that many items are based on older styles of transcription, for example 豬古辣冰忌廉 (chocolate ice-cream) would be 巧克力冰激凌 in Mandarin today.

What kind of food is 漢巴德 referring to? It seems vaguely similar to "hamburger", and this article thinks so too - "估计是汉堡", but I'm not sure. Can anyone confirm, or find another source?

  • 白浪布丁 = blancmange 吧!
    – wpt
    Jul 16, 2015 at 16:05

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A hilarious passage. My edition says 漢巴德牛排 (no comma), if that's correct it's some kind of beefsteak; in the wine list there's a 巴德, could be related, beef steak with a wine based sauce? The article suggests port for 巴德, why not bordeaux? All guesses on my part.

Some of the other dishes also look mangled: 澳洲翠鳥雞 the Australian kingfisher chicken surely should have a comma before chicken.

If you get a complete translation, please put it up here!

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