I know that "宝藏" can mean "underground mineral deposits", but it can also mean "treasures".

My question is this: In addition to the two definitions above, can "宝藏" also mean a location that stores treasures, such as a "treasure trove"? Or is that definition only restricted for something like "宝库"?

The reason being is that since "宝" is treasure, and "藏" is hide, I get the feeling that it is "hiding the treasure", aka. a place to hide treasure, meaning a treasure trove. Or perhaps it just means "the treasure that should be hid"? Quite unsure on this.


藏 has two meanings:

  • as a verb (cáng), it can mean to hide, to conceal, etc.
  • as a noun (zàng), it can mean depository, such as 宝藏 (bǎozàng).

Of course the two meanings are related.

To get an impression what this word means, search for 宝藏 on Google Image search or Baidu Image search.

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How about this from iciba?

温莎城堡确实是名副其实的古物宝藏。They translate:

Windsor Castle is quite literally an antique treasure trove.

There you go, 'treasure trove'! God shave the Queen!

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