Is there a freely available list of geographical entities, like cities, provinces (in China and abroad), names of rivers, mountains, etc.?

I am looking for something like GeoNames, but it doesn't have to be that feature rich.

I would like to use this for named-entity recognition.

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After some research into this I found this website: http://docs.bosonnlp.com/ner.html. If you set up an account on their website, you can use their NER functionality (because you need an API Token. I tried their Python example

import json
import requests

NER_URL = 'http://api.bosonnlp.com/ner/analysis'

s = ['对于该小孩是不是郑尚金的孩子,目前已做亲子鉴定,结果还没出来,'
     '纪检部门仍在调查之中。成都商报记者 姚永忠']
data = json.dumps(s)
headers = {'X-Token': 'YOUR_API_TOKEN'}
resp = requests.post(NER_URL, headers=headers, data=data)

for item in resp.json():
    for entity in item['entity']:
        print(''.join(item['word'][entity[0]:entity[1]]), entity[2])

And got back:

郑尚金 person_name
成都商报 product_name
姚永忠 person_name

However, it seems they have a 500 daily request limit.

Doing some more research, they seem to have a publicly available list of names they use for their text comparison (The link is under 命名实体数据). That might be what you're looking for.



外国地名译名手册 / Mainland


  • Mainland, simplified characters, but can only find scanned copies online

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