In my travels I sometimes get athlete's foot and my medicine for it is now running out while I'm in Guangzhou.

I see there are several Chinese terms for this condition. It's always difficult to know which is regional or old fashioned or too technical or has the wrong connotation.

Would I be OK using the wording "香港脚药"?

It's an attempt to say "athlete's foot medicine". But there might even be a more specific general term for such medicine or even some brand name?

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It's usually called as 脚气 in spoken language, so you can say:


AFAIK, 达克宁 is a famous brand of 脚气霜, but I'm not sure whether it suits your case or not. So it's better to make a research before using it.


請問,有沒有治香港腳的藥?would sound OK in Taiwan

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