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What's a good resource to continue learning spoken Mandarin Chinese? e.g. video/audio scenarios + audio flashcards. Audio flashcards are an absolute must! Paid resources are fine. I want a course with structure, dialogues that build on previous ones, repetition and building of vocabulary, etc.

For the past year, I haven't been on any disciplined study schedule (terrible I know) but just practicing with local friends and listening to Chinese podcasts. I practice about an hour for 4 times per week with friends. I always get complements on my accent, and I have learned a bunch of words and how to do basic things, but I still am speaking and listening at a very basic level. Most of my communication comes from body language. I more or less say the same things every week with maybe a new word here and there. Yeah pretty good, but I want to take it up a notch.

I tried the New Practical Chinese reader and Integrated Chinese books, and I didn't like either of them due to the reading aspect. I can't read and correctly reproduce the sounds. Sure, I know Pinyin and I can get close, but I'd rather learn through imitating natural speakers. I need to hear the rhythm and intricacies of the spoken language.

I have checked out Chinesepod, and it seemed great except for a lack of audio flash cards. Reviewing flashcards is so golden, it's ridiculous, and I would really like a site with audio flash cards.

Money is not a concern although I cannot currently travel to China. Even if I did though, I would still need to acquire learning resources. I have been speaking for 3 years, I can speak and listen at a basic level. I could understand the Newbie and Elementary level at Chinesepod, little of the intermediate, and not a thing above that.


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