What's a good idiomatic way to tell a Chinese speaker that something is a 'work in progress' - as for example, "my Chinese language skills are still a work in progress'. Would it be similar to ‘还在进行的努力’ or is there a more idiomatic way to express the idea that I still need to do more work to complete my language skills? Thanks

  • You can say 还在努力中.
    – user4072
    Sep 20 '15 at 2:58

just say "还在修炼中”, this sounds humorous.


my Chinese language skills are still a work in progress, it seems you are a beginner of Chinese, so this can be translated into 我的中文(汉语)还需要继续努力去学

work in process

if translated into Chinese directly, that is 还在进行的工作, in Chinese 工作 means the job, that is the most important meaning, and there are some other meanings, but in English, all the thing you are doing can be describe as 工作 or work.So, in Chinese the work of work in process is the level of you Chinese or the process of your Chinese learning.

So, to sum up, it can be translated into 我的中文(汉语)还需要再接再厉, and work in process is 工作还在继续, but in practical, you should know what the exactly the work is. Chinese Language is not a language that with strict language grammar, just enjoy it.


This is a good question.

In situation where someone asks you about the progress of your language skill, you can say 还在学 or 还在努力 or 还在用功


On a CV, sometimes we use work in progress to describe a current position, In such case you can write 在读 if the position is academic.

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