I've had both 南瓜小米粥 (nánguā xiǎomǐ zhōu; pumpkin and millet congee) and 小米南瓜粥 (xiǎomǐ nánguā zhōu; millet and pumpkin congee) in China. They were different; the first one I've had many times and it usually (always?) has chunks of pumpkin, whereas the second one I've had once and it was more of a pumpkin puree. I'm not sure if this is just a difference in shops where I bought it.

In fact, when I bought 小米南瓜粥, I asked for 南瓜小米粥 as that is what I'm accustomed to asking for. The lady at the counter corrected me, calling it 小米南瓜粥.

So my question is...

Q: Are 南瓜小米粥 and 小米南瓜粥 the same thing?

  • 南瓜小米粥 Pumpkin congee 百科 材料: 老南瓜,小米,枸杞做法: 1.南瓜皮切薄片,小米洗净。锅里放适量清水,水开后放入南瓜小米,大火煮开。 2.转小火,慢慢熬到小米开花,南瓜煮化。 3.加入枸杞,拌匀后再煮几分钟即可。 note addition of 枸杞....... 小米南瓜粥 Millet and pumpkin Congee 原料: 小米100g、南瓜300g做法: 1、南瓜去皮切块,小米洗净后用清水浸泡20分钟; 2、准备半瓶开水,倒入电饭锅中,下小米煮30分钟;煮小米时,用搅拌机将南瓜打成泥; 3、30分钟后,加入南瓜同煮,继续煮15分钟左右即可,中间要时时搅一搅,避免粘锅。 适合人群 1-3岁儿童、老年人均可 本内容来源于 百度百科
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  • note difference in preceding recipes,南瓜小米粥 老(old?meaning 成熟的 ripe?)南瓜皮切薄片 Peel and thinly slice ......小米南瓜粥:去皮切块 Peel and Cut into chunks 用搅拌机将南瓜打成泥 use blender to mash pumpkin,thus in agreement with answer 小米南瓜粥 seems to involve a greater degree of mechanical reduction to a soft pulpy state than 南瓜小米粥,although neither recipe leaves any chunks
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I think they're different.

南瓜小米粥 is 小米粥 with 南瓜: as you said, it's millet congee with chunks of pumpkin in genaral.

enter image description here

小米南瓜粥 is 南瓜粥 with 小米; it's more like pumpkin puree, with millet grains.

enter image description here

Of course what the name means indeed largely depends on the restaurant.

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