I am beginning Chinese speaker, but I watch this documentary on Chinese characters and they talk about origins of the characters from ideograms. They refer to a book called "Roots of Characters" but I cannot find it. Instead using Chinese Characters 汉说文 I find a website with some information: http://shuowen.xpcha.com/03ch6de8uu4.html Here is the entry for: 水 (shui : water)

What is the English name of this book? Is there a reliable online resource?


The book is "说文解字", shorten as "说文". 汉 here means the time when it was written, the Han Dynasty; but not Chinese(汉语/汉文). People may refer it to "汉·说文" or just "说文". You can get details here: Wikipedia/Shuowen_Jiezi

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