I am having a hard time to decide which to use between the three options (损害,损伤 and 伤害)...

Anyone can teach me the difference?

  • What's the context you want to use them for?
    – NS.X.
    Nov 2, 2015 at 23:41

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损伤 is generally a noun. The other 2 can be both noun and verb, with 损害 much more frequently a verb than noun.

损伤 generally implies physical damage.

伤害 can be both physical and psychological or spiritual.

损害 when used as a verb has a derogatory connotation, while the other 2 do not.


The literal meanings of the three words share much in common: to cause damage or harm. Usages can sometimes be distinguished by the intention and effect of the action.

损害: to damage, to undermine

损伤: to injure or harm

伤害: to hurt

The drum player says he feels hurt by his neighbours‘ complaint that his loud music harms people's hearing and damages the image of the peaceful neighbourhood.



损害 is more common than 伤害 is much more common than 损伤, otherwise they are identical. Use them all to avoid repetition.

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