What is the difference between 响,声,and 音. When I check the English translation, it says

  • 响: echo, sound, noise, make a sound, to sound, to ring, loud, classifier for noises
  • 声: sound, voice, tone, noise, classifier for sounds
  • 音: sound, noise, musical note, tone, news, syllable, reading (phonetic value of a character)

Pls help me clarify the difference, it is quite difficult to catch.


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  • @user3306356 Pls help me distinguish with examples.. thanks Commented Nov 23, 2015 at 3:06

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响 - a type of sound. It is an adjective that can mean "loud ring" like 响声音 = loud ringing noise

声 - depending on context, it can mean sound, noise, or voice. For example: 我把声音 = my voice 那是什么声音 = what is that sound/noise Colloquially, you can shorten 声音 as 声, which would mean noise. You can also use the word 音 by itself to mean sound. But this is a bit atypical. Usually you would use both words together.

音 - as mentioned, when using this word by itself, it can mean sound. But it generally means "tone." So it's not noise or a loud sound.

音 can also be used with the word 樂. 音樂 means music where 樂 is used to describe the type of sound (a happy sound)





loud, noisy

教室里在考试, 你们说话声音别这么响。

Jiàoshì li zài kǎoshì, nǐmen shuōhuà shēngyīn bié zhème xiǎng.

There's an examination in progress in the classroom. Don't talk so loudly.


sound, noise, voice

机器声太大, 我听不清你说什么。

Jīqì shēng tài dà, wǒ tīng bu qīng nǐ shuō shénme.

The noise from the machine is too loud; I can't hear what you're saying.




① sound




声音 sound,more like a word.Mostly,we use them together.There is no difference between 声 and 音.

响 make a sound loudly


The sound is loud.

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