I'm looking for poems about parents' love, concern, and caring of their children.

I'm aware of 孟郊《游子吟》:


But that's heavy on the "repayment" aspect.

I'm looking for something that emphasizes the amount of effort, time, energy parents put into taking care of their children.

Something well known is preferable.

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When I stopped the carriage and looking around blankly,
I felt like a prisoner because of the sadness I've gone through.
My grief tear is like fishbone stuck in my throat.
Now my mother is sick(lethally sick),
so I'm taking her to visit the doctor.
But on the way,
the God(sky) took my mother's life mercilessly.
I can't pay back for my mother's love,
what else can I look forward to?



凯风自南,吹彼棘心。 棘心夭夭,母氏劬劳。 凯风自南,吹彼棘薪。 母氏圣善,我无令人。 爰有寒泉?在浚之下。 有子七人,母氏劳苦。 睍睆黄鸟,载好其音。 有子七人,莫慰母心。

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