I could not find a better answer to express the red envolope meaning behind Chinese culture.

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    Is that a complete sentence, or any more context you can provide? – clarity123 Jan 15 '16 at 15:22
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  • Could you please help to proofread the strings appeared in the first banner? hanbridgemandarin.com Thank you! – mollan.m Jan 26 '16 at 2:33
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Actually, you can understand "抢红包" like this: many people are scrambling a gift happily.

FYI: usually "red envelope" means a small package with money :)

订阅开奖提醒: you can understand it like this: subscribe it and it will send a notice to you when will begin to 抢红包.

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I did a little research and found this on "Chinese wikipedia", and translated it for you:

Giving out 红包 is a Chinese convention during New year (Festival). In China the color red stands for joy, luck and happiness.

Giving out 红包 to someone (usually 18-) means bringing luck and wish to them. And the money in it is only to make kids happy.

Below is the original article:

派"红包"是华人新年的一种习俗,华人喜爱红色,因为红色象征活力、愉快与好运。 派发红包给未成年的晚辈(根据华人的观念,已婚者就算成年),是表示把祝愿和好运带给他们。红包里的钱,只是要让孩子们开心,其主要意义是在红纸,因为它象征好运。因此,在分派红包的长辈面前打开红包,是不礼貌的做法。

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