It is a TV series title I've been watching recently. Maybe closing the eyes is an idiom that I don't understand?


I think the idiom is adapted from the Chinese version of Mafia (party game).
Players close their eyes "at night". In the Chinese version of the game, it's "天黑了请闭眼" (It's dark, please close your eyes (waiting for something to happen next).).
Also, I think the expression “他来了请闭眼” (He comes, please close your eyes (waiting for something to happen next).) contains elements of burlesque or joke.


I think this is a conditional statement: When he comes, please close your eyes. Please note that “了” does not necessarily mark the statement for a past event. In this case it marks "future completion". Thank you.

  • Sorry I was wrong. Instead of When he comes please close your eyes, I would suggest "He is here. Please close you eyes." – johnseah Feb 14 '16 at 0:48
  • Instead of leaving a comment to clarify it, you can edit you post. – Stan Feb 14 '16 at 2:27

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