I was reading an article in some chinsese newspapare and saw a line


Why the Hell Ocean + Official Report means "a poster"?

p.s. has it something to do with a postage stamp? You by a stamp, stick it on to an envelope of the letter and send it overseas. And those stamps always have some picture on them like a mini-poster?

P.p.s. Any idea why they called any "theatrical act" - ocean?


Baidu says:


Which means, if I summarise: The word originated in Shanghai, where people referred to professional theatrical productions as "海". Hence "海报"


"Ocean" in Chinese sometimes means massive production, maybe it is because "ocean" is so big and vast. "Official reports" means posters. "A massive production of official reports about special events" can be understood as "Hai Bao", or "ocean" + "reports", or posters.

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