I saw the previous posts about 接受 and 接收。 But couldn't find information about the difference between 接受 and 得到。 它们的对象可以是抽象的也可以是具体的? 得到/接受的可以是好的也可以是消极的? Or maybe I just need to memorize the “习惯搭配”?!

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    "接受" usually involves a second person(may be implicit or explicit) , from which you 接受 something. Apr 10 '16 at 14:18
  • For example "接受命运" I think the second person/thing "天" is implicit in this phrase. Apr 10 '16 at 14:19
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    see dictionaries, 得到:get, obtain,etc,接受:accept,receive, etc.
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    Apr 10 '16 at 16:13

得到 is receive, emphasize on the physical action of getting something. 接受 is more like accept, emphasize on the mental acceptance of something. It can be things related to moral, like 接受批评: I know I am wrong, and I accept the truth that I am wrong. However, 得到(或者 受到)批评 means: the action that I am being blamed by someone.


While similar, they aren't interchangeable. According to the dictionary,

to accept; to take; to embrace; to adopt; to bow to
他已經接受了我們的邀請。He has accepted our invitation.
山姆因為窮只得接受這份工作。Sam had to take the job because he was broke.

to obtain; to receive; to acquire; to derive; to earn; to get; to gain
他們從政府那裡得到一筆貸款。They obtained a loan from the government.
她應該得到此榮譽。She is worthy to receive such honor.

接受 is passive, such as when you accept gifts or accept a situation. 得到 is for when you actively seek out or ask, and as a result, you received.

Hope this helps!

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