Zimbabwe is a country. Which one is its Chinese translation: 辛巴威 or 津巴布韦? Could it be possible that Chinese in Taiwan call it 辛巴威?

Another country is Zambia. 尚比亞 or 赞比亚?

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    Used Google map to verify that Taiwan people call them 辛巴威 and 尚比亞.
    – Tony
    Apr 10, 2016 at 17:02

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Zimbabwe / Zambia is translated as:

  • 津巴布韦 / 赞比亚 (for China, Malaysia & Singapore)
  • 津巴布韋 / 贊比亞 (for Hong Kong & Macau)
  • 辛巴威 / 尚比亞 (for Taiwan)

In General

For such cases, my suggestion is:

  1. Visit the English Wikipedia page of the topic (Zimbabwe, Zambia)

  2. Click 中文 under language to switch to Chinese Wikipedia

  3. Choose the country specific page at the top of the page

    • 大陆简体 (Simplified Chinese, China)
    • 香港繁體 (Traditional Chinese, Hong Kong)
    • 澳門繁體 (Traditional Chinese, Macau)
    • 马新简体 (Simplified Chinese, Malaysia & Singapore)
    • 台灣正體 (Traditional Chinese, Taiwan)
  4. Get the corresponding wordings


In PRC we call them:津巴布韦 and 赞比亚

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