I have encountered the following sentence: 他就拿我没办法的信念 in the following paragraph:


which was originally here (link now broken).

I couldn't understand the meaning of 拿 here. Any definition from the dictionary doesn't make sense to me.

As for the 信念, I think it refers to the 信念 in a previous paragraph in the text:


The best translation that I could come up with is:

He could not do anything with my belief

Or in other words, he couldn't make me stop fighting. But I feel pretty uncomfortable with this translation. It doesn't seem correct to me.


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Adding punctuation might help.


拿...没办法, literally 'take ... with no solution', is an idiomatic way to say 'could do nothing about ...'.

誓死不从,他就拿我没办法 = (If I am) determined to resist to the end of my life, he could do nothing (to make me yield).

抱着...的信念 = with the idea/belief/conviction that ...

So the whole sentence goes

With the idea that he couldn't do anything as long as I am determined to resist, I struggled hard with every string pulled, but I was wrong.


I think you are right. It sounds weird even in Chinese. So I'd say it's the problem with the original sentence, not your translation.


If you know other similar sayings (slang, probably) like 把...搞定(be able to solve/resolve),把...拿下 (get it done),then the meaning of 拿...没办法 is have no control of someone or certain situation. Reasons could be different though, lack of power, ability, or simply don't have time or not wanting to deal with.

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