I am using four different input methods for typing 汉字. Most of them share the same principles for translating what you type in pinyin to Chinese characters. But I am unable to figure out how to type in pinyin words with an U with Umlaut like ǚ, for example .

I am using: Google Pinyin Input in Android, and Chinese Sun Pinyin, ibus m17n and ibus-pinyin in Ubuntu

Is there some common way used to type it?

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As pinyin doesn't use the letter v, then words containing the u with umlaut can be written with v key, then combined with the number keys to get different tones.

For example:

  • v+1 = ǖ
  • v+2 = ǘ
  • v+3 = ǚ
  • v+4 = ǜ
  • v+5 = ü
  • Perfect: I struggled so much to type 女儿 = nv er! – formica Mar 4 at 19:23

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