Heard pronunciation ㄍ丨(romanization: gi) recently in a dialect of south western mandarin.

I was trying to trace it together with something else.

Seems like Hakka pronounces 机/機 ㄍ丨but I couldn't really see much else.

What Chinese language(s) have pronunciation ㄍ丨(romanization: gi)?

  • According to (wikipedia)[zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%B1%89%E8%AF%AD%E6%97%8F], At leaset some variants of 吴语, 赣语, and 客家语 uses gi as a third person singular pronoun. – Wang Dingwei May 30 '16 at 5:53
  • Wiki does say of MSM: there is neither *[ki] nor *[kɨ] – Mou某 May 31 '16 at 3:52
  • What is ㄍ here? Certainly not the ㄍ in 注音符號, for there it doesn't pronounce as gi. – joehua Feb 22 at 5:54

Yes, 机 is pronounced gi(pin yin) in Hakka. But not all "Ji" pronunciations have the same reflection. e.g. 鸡 is pronounced gie(pin yin) in Hakka, not gi.

Other examples I remember for now: 几,吉,记,季,寄,继,计,贵, etc. Of course, they have different tones.

  • I think / / represents IPA so it should be written /ki/ not /gi/ – Mou某 May 31 '16 at 3:53
  • @user3306356 thanks for your correction. – thinwa Nov 1 '17 at 2:47

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