My friend wrote this on his timeline, and I need to know... Please help me....

准备过奖黑板政治生物历史脑. What does this mean??? Btw, he is not an advanced Chinese speaker,so some grammars might be incorrect.. But I just need to know what he's trying to say

I mean, I tried to use the google translator, but it gave me some impossible answer

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    He probably googled the translation into Chinese as well. – Enrico Brasil Jun 10 '16 at 12:06

That is not even a sentence. That is just a bunch of words put together and they don't make any sense as a sentence. It literally means "prepare award blackboard politics biology history brain". Also, don't trust Google Translate when translating sentences. I often use Google Translate to translate sentences just for giggles. :)

  • 过奖:小马词典:to over-praise; to flatter,bkrs:overpraise; give too much credit 过分的赞扬 您过奖了,(谦) overpraise; undeserved compliment: 您过奖了。 You flatter me. 生物:小马词典:organism; living creature; life form; biological; – user6065 Jun 10 '16 at 20:22

It is jibberish. Google was right. IMHO. I'm not advanced though.


enter image description here

Then could you guys uhh... Track back and try to guess what he really meant to say? Because the google translation of this is stupid...

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