I was looking at a Chinese poster for the new Suicide Squad movie:


I saw the phrase '各有各劲抽.' What does this mean? 'Each one has powers,' or something like that?

Thank you, Rachel


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well, it's a popular slang in hong kong, most of the time it's "勁揪"; however, when one say it, the pronunciation of "揪" is slightly changed to "抽"

sound file,sound file

"kick ass", "smash", "rock" are some possible translations.

勁 (u+52c1) is "strong, powerful, sturdy"

揪 (u+63ea) is "to fight"

so, it's roughly "good at fighting" --> "wonderful, powerful".

抽 (u+62bd), is "pull, levy, whip"; which has the syllable of what we pronounce; and, 抽 is more common, civilised.

so "各有各勁抽" in the poster, roughly means "members are good at fighting individually"

if you pronounce it correctly, you're 勁揪 😼


have fun :)


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