I'm reviewing the HSK1-limited-part1 flash card deck on Anki, and I keep coming accross this one flash card. On the front, it says


and for the definition,

The cow cast her calf

What does this mean (in Chinese OR English?) How is this used?

  • Strange. similar: 公猪配种吗? 牝马下崽哦. I bet you will never say this in your life. – wolfrevo Aug 8 '15 at 16:10

流产 means "to have a miscarriage, to have an abortion". The former in case it happened as a natural process, the latter in case it was enforced.

So you can translate 母牛流产了 means "the cow had a miscarriage".

To cast means "To give birth prematurely" in this context, so the translation is incorrect.

This definitely is not something you need to know for HSK 1 (even for the old exam).

  • To add, 'to give birth prematurely' is 早产 in Chinese – user58955 Aug 8 '15 at 4:21

"母牛流产了" is equals to "The mother cow abortion",

which you will probably never use this sentence in daily life, except you are working in a farm.


I guess this is a constructed case to test if you can differentiate the consonants m,n,l. It's not used in everyday life unless you work on a farm

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