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I saw a random image of Chinese character. Can someone tell me what letter it is. I had often seen it as a mysterious symbol. So where does one use this symbol? Is it spiritual or zen kind of symbol?



This character is written as "mei3" in pinyin and is pronounced similarly to the English word "May" (like the month).

It generally means "beautiful".


This Chinese character means "beauty" or "good". The pinyin of this word is měi.

You can make the common Chinese phrases, such as "美丽" měi lì (beautiful); "美国" měi guó (America); "美味" měi wèi (delicious).

The stroke order is enter image description here

If you think it's so hard to remember this Chinese character, you can see this video and learn how to learn Chinese Characters by associative memory.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtH96dJdUpk


It means beauty/beautiful in Chinese, and it's spelling is měi, the third tone.

To better memorize it, you can take a look of my project before that has a transformation from its English letters to Chinese character.


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