I have looked for that word. The most common translation seems to be 企业家. However, I think 企业家 can be confused with big businessman. I want to say 我是企业家, but I'm not a big businessman. I'm just trying to run a startup, so I think I should say 我是一个创业者. Am I right?

  • alternative suggestion:初创着 cf。初创者们的野心时代 chuansong.me/n/1304223 bkrs:初创的企业 a newly established enterprise 初创公司,初创工业 also see jukuu:10. The startup, Aviva Bioscicences, is developing miniaturized " lab on a chip" systems for use in drug research and disease diagnosis. 初创的腾隆生物科技公司正在开发用于药物研究和疾病诊断的微型"芯片实验室"系统。also see MDBG
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企業家 (T) or 企业家 (S) is the correct translation for "entrepreneur" it doesn't indicate the size of the business that person is running, ,

For that, we have 大企業家 (T) or 大企业家 (S) meaning large profile entrepreneur),and 小企業家 (T) or 小企业家 (S) meaning small profile entrepreneur.

For a start up business owner, the term is 新進企業家 (T) or 新进​​企业家 (S) meaning start up entrepreneur

創業 (T) or 创业 (S) means "to start a business"

創業者 (T) or 创业者 (S) means " one who starts his or her own business"

T: Traditional Chinese

S: Simplified Chinese

  • I forgot about this question. Thank you for your very complete answer! :)
    – chelder
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  • what about 创业者 by the way. Does it mean something?
    – chelder
    Commented Sep 3, 2016 at 16:29
  • 1
    創業者 is 创业者 in traditional characters, I don't know how to input simplified characters.
    – Tang Ho
    Commented Sep 4, 2016 at 6:35
  • So 創業者 (T) or 创业者 (S) are OK, but 新進企業家 (T) or 新进​​企业家 (S) are more clear. Right? Thank you! :)
    – chelder
    Commented Sep 4, 2016 at 12:01

Yes, 创业者 is the correct answer.

  • Why do you think somebody has vote you down? Maybe because it is a short answer? Strange.
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  • The problem is the lack of evidence to support the claim: something is not true just because a random person on the Internet says it's true.
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