This might seem a duplicate question, since beginers have a lot of doubt about not using 是 instead of 很 as in 我很好, but there's nothing related to what I'm asking here. At least I haven't found anything.

What does a native speaker think about the difference between a sentence using 是...的 and the same one using 很? For example:



Thank you.

  • 这本书是新的。=> This book is new. 这本书很新。=> This book is very new.
    – user4072
    Jul 28, 2016 at 15:21
  • You can also say : 这本书新。这本书是很新的。商店的衣服贵。商店的衣服是很贵的。So this should not be 是..的 vs 很。
    – fefe
    Mar 15, 2017 at 1:29

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是…的 is used for emphasis. In this case, it is used for contrasting.

这本书是新的: This book is new (contrasting old).

这本书很新: This book is new (neutral or normal case).


是……的 : just tell the status of the subject.

很: tell the feeling about the subject. more like so...that...

这本书是新的: this book is new. (emphasis for new. tell the status of book is new)

这本书很新: this book is very new.(emphasis for very, I feel this book so new that I might want to do something about it ).

商店的衣服是贵的: the status of price of clothes in shop is expensive.

商店的衣服很贵: I feel the clothes in shop is so expensive (that...).


这本书是新的(书) : this book is new (book) -- adjective+(noun)

这本书很新 : this book is new -- descriptive

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