The Korean movie On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate has the Chinese title, 生活的發現, which, obviously, has nothing to do with its English version.

Life's Discovery, or Discovery of Life, are some translations - does anyone have any cool ideas how to phrase that differently, and in a way more palatable to the English speaker?


First, the original title described someone was " At the moment of recalling a turning point " (I am interpreting "turning gate" as " a gate that's the turning point of someone's life"- meaning someone went through a gate (crossed a line/ made a choice) that changed his or her life from that point on).

Obviously, someone interpreted the title similarly and came up with a Chinese title "(改變)生命的發現" - "a life (changing) discovery" with the implied meaning " changing" omitted. ( someone went thought a gate and discovered something that changed his or her life)

However, the translator confused 生命( one's life) with "生活" ( a living ) , that why the title was translated as "生活的發現" instead of the somewhat more accurate " 生命的發現"

My translation of the original title would be: "回望人生轉捩點" (A look back at the turning point of life)

-instead of 回想 (think back/ remember) I choose "回望"( look back/ revisit) - which is an action verb that paint a more vivid picture to simulate imagination.

-Just put 轉捩點 ( a turning point) after 回想(think back) is too general, so I also included the originally implied meaning of "life" to clarify it is not just any turning point, but a " life's turning point"

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