I saw this sign in Taipei. What is the third character?


The sign says "不夠_車" - "Not enough ? (vehicle)"

  • Is it the character , in which case what does it mean?
  • Is it a bopomofo character? - I found
  • Is it supposed to be an English 4?
  • Is the green line at the bottom part of the character or an underscore for some reason?

The shop the sign is on sells scooters / mopeds, or perhaps parts and accessories for them.

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What was below the sign? That is, what products did the store sell? It wouldn't be motorcycles?

The sign says: 不够机车, or in old script 不够機車. 機車 means engine, but in Taiwan more specifically motorcycle.

ㄐ + ㄧ in bopomofo is j + i, that is ji, which gives 机.

  • Sorry I meant to include that it was a shop selling mopeds/scooters or parts. Commented Aug 12, 2016 at 14:59

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