I wonder is there a Mandarin term for " jump the shark" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jumping_the_shark which means the decline of quality of a T.V show reached the breaking point for the viewers, even the most loyal fans have no choice but give up on the show.

My guess would be 沒救了,

The T.V show 'House' finally jumped the shark. (電視劇 「醫神」終於沒救了。)

but is there other choices?

I am a native Cantonese speaker, there might be some mainland term I am not aware of.


That should be "江郞才尽"

"江郎才尽" means someone was always writing good articles, but one day, his article is not that good anymore.

  • Yes, that's a good choice, 'House' was great the first two seasons. the writing quality went down from then on, the last season was painfully bad, " The writers of the show had been 江郎才尽" – Tang Ho Aug 26 '16 at 16:23
  • Oh, well, I didn't think it went downhill quite that bad, but yeah, it was a disappointment from Season 4 on. The intern reality show was the "jump-the-shark" moment for House. Although, I did like the series finale all right. ¶ Oh, and +1, I quite like this choice. – Brian Tung Aug 31 '16 at 23:05

The closest I can think of is "完蛋了"

  • 完蛋了 is quite general, I am hoping to learn a term specifically for T.V drama. The term " jump the shark" is similar to" the final straw", but "jump the shark" refers to T.V show's bad writing only. I can accept the fact that there's no equivalent in Mandarin and consider this question closed. – Tang Ho Aug 26 '16 at 6:07

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