Seems to be some kind of internet phrase?

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    Did some Google search, the result is, it came from a 表情包 (Expression package) [我的女友嘴很贱表情包](My girlfriend has a foul mouth expression package) cntylm.com/armmzf If you want the translation... this post will be R-rated – Tang Ho Sep 7 '16 at 18:42

It depends . Sometimes it means some passionate thing between lovers. When you are fight with someone , the meaning of this phrase is abuse,just like fuck off in English.(actually it is more serious than fuck off ,but i don't know much about dirty words in English ) At last ,this is a rare case , joking with friends .


''bang you very hard so your head hits the headboard(of the bed)''. Here 床头柜 refered to the head of the bed. Somehow there isn't a very common word meaning ''headboard'' in Mandarin,so we use 床头柜(closet at the head of the bed) instead. This setence may be used in dirty talk.


It means having very rough sex, essentially. (let you fuck from bed to the closet.) Generally used by female only, and so if a girl tell you that, you are a lucky guy and if a guy tell you that, he want you to get him from behind, which is obviously gay if you are into that.

  • 给你 let you
  • 操 fuck
  • 床头 bed
  • 柜里 inside the closet
  • 去 go
  • I think it should at least be split up • 床头柜 / • 里 – Mou某 Sep 8 '16 at 0:34

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