Can't quite get the meaning of 赶上 here. Any suggestions please?


完全是赶上好时代。 totally (赶上)in time for?? the (好时代)golden era??

赶上:to keep up with, to catch up with, to overtake, to chance upon, in time for


"In time for" is the right interpretation in this context. 好时代(an era when living was great) is like a party. It has a beginning and an end. People who died before it or born after it missed out. "她赶上了好时代" means she was born at the right time, during a great era.

赶上 means " (rushed in or hurriedly arrive) just in time."

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In time for, or to chance upon. I think both are OK. Maybe it'll be clearer if you understand the context.

It is mentioned in the sentence that she was born in a railway worker family with poor education, and was a plain-looking average actress in the art troupe.

(That means she should not have succeeded.)

However she finally achieved her success as a producer, a director and a famous actress. If it was not for a golden era, she would not be so successful.

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  • 完全 here is what? – Gangosa Sep 15 '16 at 3:23
  • @Gangosa You can take it as totally. It is totally because of the era. – Cnly Sep 15 '16 at 3:26

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