Researchers have used/cited the Academia Sinica Balanced Corpus of Modern Chinese for finding disyllabic compound words and characters with top-bottom and left-right construction. However I haven't found this information/filter on the site -- only sorting by part of speech.

The Traditional Chinese Psycholinguistic Database has been helpful but not comprehensive enough.

I'm designing materials for a research project comparing simplified readers and traditional readers, so being able to compare frequencies between characters of the two systems is important. I haven't found a research article that compared the two systems AND provided an appendix of the materials. any suggestions?

Various sources categorize simplification methods differently and only list some examples. Does a more comprehensive list exist?

where can I find a list of simplified radicals and their traditional counterparts? a list of disyllabic compound words sorted by frequency?

Any resources would be appreciated.

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I hope this pdf, Simplified Chinese Mapping Chart (1956), could help: This is 简化字总表(Simplified characters full list), an official list that includes 1) simplified characters that may not be used as radicals; 2) simplified radicals and simplified characters that may be used as radicals; 3) frequently used characters.

Another even more comprehensive list with versions and alterations through years can be found on wikipedia 简化字总表 (Chineses only). I guess you would get what you were looking for by translating that page!

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